5 Reasons to Attend

The Food Manufacture Excellence Awards are the food and drink industry's standout event. Each and every year, the event welcomes hundreds of like-minded professionals for an evening of food, drink, awards and celebration.

The night itself is always filled to the brim with excitement and is an unrivalled opportunity to get yourself in the room to network with the finest food and drink manufacturers in the country. It provides attendees with a totally unique chance to network and talk tactics over a drink (or two!) with fellow food & drink industry peers.

We've listed our top 5 reasons to come along to the event below. Scroll down and see why you should attend the ultimate celebration of the UK's food and drink manufacturing industry!

Keep up to date with trends

1. Keep up to date with trends

Coming along to the event gives you a front row seat to see the latest and greatest companies in the industry being rewarded for their efforts and achievements over the last year. Use it to find out what's trending and apply those learnings to your own company to optimise your business for the rest of the year!

Connect with key industry influencers

2. Connect with key industry influencers

This event is the biggest gathering of food and drink manufacturers in the country, with all varieties of people from within the industry in attendance. This provides you with a great opportunity to get involved with some of the leading lights of the industry up close and personal!

Reward and motivate your teams and customers

3. Reward and motivate your teams and customers

What better way is there to motivate your hard-working team than a ticket to the biggest party in the industry? The awards night gives you the perfect excuse to say thank you to your staff and gives them a great team-building night out. You could even invite your customers along with you to build your business relationship.

Raise your company's profile

4. Raise your company's profile

Being in the room with the brightest stars in the business gives your brand exposure in front of your industry peers and the press. Use this to give your brand extra merit and recognition & promote your businesses top quality to any potential customers.

Celebrate partnership success

5. Celebrate partnership success

Ultimately, the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards are all about celebrating the biggest and best achievements from over the last year, and having a great time! Come along this year, bring the most important people to your business with you, be it shareholders, staff, suppliers, or customers, and have a magical night of celebration and entertainment.

Interested in attending?

Tickets are now on sale for the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards 2024, which will be taking place on Thursday 8 February 2024. If you'd like to come along this year, you can view more information on tickets by clicking the button below.

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